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When it’s Warming, Heed the Warning!

Wessex Fire & Security’s Chris Stott offers some seasonal fire safety tips:

With summer around the corner is there a better place to live than our beautiful county? After the winter we have endured the thought of getting out into the sunshine is more appealing than ever.

To ensure that summer days are unspoilt there are some security and fire safety measures that we should all consider.

First of all, remain vigilant.

Welcome though it is to be surrounded by dry vegetation, we should be mindful of the risk of heath and forest fires. While arson is a problem, carelessness is the biggest cause of wild fires. As summer arrives we need to consider the increased risk of fire around our homes. Everything from barbecues to night lights and extension leads, to poorly maintained camping stoves are regular causes of fires.

Within the home the means of detecting and extinguishing fires are critical. Battery-powered smoke detectors are of value, but batteries must be tested monthly and replaced in accordance with their manufacturer’s recommendations. Better still are mains electricity-powered detectors, or low voltage detectors added to an intruder alarm. Best of all, of course, is a dedicated fire detection and warning system installed by an accredited specialist.

Property owners should also think about having fire extinguishers – they are a dependable and effective way of putting out early stage fires that might otherwise be difficult to contain.

When it comes to security don’t rely on criminals taking a summer holiday. It’s great to have the windows and doors open but don’t lose sight of the need for security. Conversely, if you are going away in the summer, make sure your absence isn’t obvious to the wrong people.

• Use timer switches on lights and lock away car keys and valuables.

• Ensure that all doors, windows and outbuildings have effective locks.

• Keep an inventory of your valuables, including clear descriptions and photographs.

• If items are stolen this will be of real help to the police and you are more likely to see them again.

But fitting alarms is best because they are a major deterrent to burglars. They can work effectively as stand-alone systems, be connected to remote monitoring stations and can support smoke and fire detectors. They can be paired with discreet CCTV cameras that send live images back to smart phones or computers.

For any advice about domestic or commercial fire and security system installation and maintenance please contact Wessex Fire & Security on 01747 852258

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