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Home Fire

There are between 30,000 and 40,000 household fires attended by the fire service every year in the UK. The outcome of a fire in your home can be significantly influenced by both the speed at which it is detected and whether equipment is available to you to fight the fire before it takes hold.

Essential and lifesaving

Portable fire extinguishers aren’t just for businesses. Wessex believe that they are vital life safety devices that play an important role in keeping your home and your family safe, and properly serviced fire extinguishers should be available in every household.

A massive 88% of fires that are tackled with portable fire extinguishers are successfully extinguished, but it’s important to choose the right type of fire extinguisher for your home. Wessex will help by identifying which class of fire you are at most risk from, and where in the home to locate the equipment to ensure it is in the most appropriate place.

Confident choice

Rest assured that portable extinguishers are not expensive to buy and professionally maintain but, to be confident that you have made the right choice for your budget and your safety, Wessex has the expertise to help you navigate the range available.

Fire extinguishers are hand-held portable devices that are often the first port of call in case of fire. They weigh between 2 and 20kg and discharge fire-fighting media to extinguish or control a small fire. They come in various sizes designed to be effective on different types of fire and work by removing one or more components of the fire triangle of heat, oxygen and fuel. A water jet fire extinguisher uses the cooling effect of water to remove heat whereas a CO2 extinguisher removes the oxygen, foam extinguishers remove both.

Insurance requirements

For some households, with active workshops or thatch for example, insurance policies may insist on maintained portable extinguishers. Wessex can advise on the best equipment to satisfy this need and provide the best protection.

Supplying since 1984

Wessex have been supplying and maintaining fire extinguishers since 1984. Our track record and reputation is second to none.

Specialist extinguishers

Wessex are able to provide specialist extinguishers for niche requirements including specialist dry powder, and mobile foam units.

Low cost maintenance

Regular checks and maintenance, usually annually, of your extinguisher equipment is essential to ensure it will be fit for purpose in the event of a fire. Wessex offers reasonable low-cost maintenance packages for householders.


National Security Inspectorate (NSI)

Wessex Fire & Security have held NACOSS Gold security accreditation for security system installation and maintenance since 1991. All NSI Gold security companies meet the requirements of the police and operate an accredited ISO 9001 Quality Management System, audited annually.

British Security Industry Association (BSIA)

We are proud to have been members of the BSIA since 1991. BSIA is the trade association for the professional security industry in the UK. The BSIA hallmark is a symbol of quality and professionalism for security buyers and industry partners.

Electrical Contractors Association (ECA)

Since 1984 Wessex Fire & Security have been members of the ECA, whose membership base encompasses installers, manufacturers, distributors and end users across the electronics and electrical industry.

Fire Industry Association (FIA)

The FIA is a not-for-profit trade association with the aim of promoting the professional status of the UK fire safety industry. They also provide training on legislation and regulations across the industry. Wessex Fire & Safety have been members since 2001.

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