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Is Your Business Security Fit For The Winter?

With these dark winter nights, statistics suggest that the rate of domestic burglaries see an increase of up to 20%. Businesses are not immune to this spike either as the cover of darkness works just as well for those targeting business premises as homes. In fact, in some ways, commercial premises can be more vulnerable.

For the past couple of months, businesses would have found themselves opening and locking up in darkness, meaning that it’s dark for the entire period that the premises are unoccupied, giving intruders a much bigger window of opportunity.

Therefore, it’s prudent and best practice for all businesses to make sure their security protections are in place for the remainder of this winter. Following are a few things you should definitely consider:

CCTV and Security Lighting

With the darkness filling a lot of the days, it is essential that your property is well-lit and well monitored. Make sure to check your security lighting and CCTV to ensure that this is the case, as it is important to see that they can detect movement even in low visibility. It’s also essential to check that all cameras are housed properly, are appropriate for all weather conditions, are clear from snow and that there is no risk of the cables being disconnected.

Your needs are unique, and constantly evolving as your business grows. You need a dependable CCTV system that can adjust to meet your changing needs. As well as systems designed to expand with your organisation’s needs, with spare capacity, additional lighting and full training in security management available, Wessex provide the confidence of a fully approved and accredited system design.

Alarm Systems

Security Alarm Systems are an absolute must for businesses in this day and age. A well-designed and installed security alarm system is one of the best ways of both deterring and detecting intrusion.

Here at Wessex, our expert surveyors will carry out a thorough assessment of your requirements, your premises, and your long-term objectives, to build the most competitive scalable and effective alarm solution design. Our independence from any one manufacturer means that we have the widest range of alarm and signalling products to choose from. Wessex will always strive to deliver the right security technology at the best value to your business.

Door Entry

When the building is secured, door entry systems are a simple and effective way to manage who has direct access to your property. Specific door entry systems allow you to take a tighter control of access to your business or property, and even create a visual record of movements in and out of your property including staff and visitors.

Wessex have access to a comprehensive range of door entry products and can recommend the best solution for you. We can install and maintain any system for you, ensuring that your entryway remains secure and protected long term.


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