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The Benefits Of Commercial Security Systems

Commercial businesses lose millions of pounds every year from inventory shrinkage, employee theft, shoplifting, fraudulent claims and vandalism. Investing in a security system, including surveillance cameras, intruder alarms, access control and security lighting options provides both short and long-term benefits. Wessex Fire and Security can help reduce your chance of theft and increase your confidence in your business’ security, giving you peace of mind to run your business. The benefits of a professionally installed commercial security system are endless.

Helps with insurance

If you already have a security system installed in your business, insurance companies will charge a lower premium than if you didn’t have one. This will save you money, especially if you are a small business or on a tight budget. Some insurance companies insist on a security system in place to qualify for insurance. Implementing a security system into your business will provide peace of mind as you will be able to claim insurance if some unfortunate event affects the business.

Reduces theft and intrusion

Theft and intrusion has always been a universal problem. There may be thefts committed by employees or by customers. If thefts are not acted against, then the person/s may become more confident and commit the theft again or do a theft of larger magnitude. Having surveillance cameras and signs informing all that there is a security system will deter anyone from committing thefts in the first place or trying to enter the premises illegally.

Offers peace of mind to owner

Peace of mind plays a big part in the purchase of a security system for a business. Here at Wessex we pride ourselves in having the expertise to design, build and maintain a custom security system that meets any set of unique needs, however large or small. Having this system professionally maintained, serviced and monitored will put you at ease and allow you to run your business more efficiently than ever.

Improve employee productivity and safety

If your employees are working in dangerous or hazardous conditions then surveillance cameras can prevent untoward incidents or give warnings to prevent danger. Customers and visitors’ safety is also taken care of.

Business owners have a lot of business-related issues to worry over. A quality and reputed security system will take care of the security related worries.

From simple door entry systems and security alarms to day-to-night CCTV systems with alert monitoring services, Wessex has the product range, technology and expertise to meet your business needs.

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