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Why Burglary Rates Increase At Christmas Time

Burglary at Christmas time for homeowners has been an ongoing problem since the beginning of the festive holiday, with more and more criminals being on the lookout for vacant homes with obvious valuables on show. Reported burglaries tend to increase significantly at Christmas, this can often be down to the seasonal changes that influence the way we behave in and around our homes.

For example, during the summer months you might decide to leave your windows open to cool down and not think much of it. Without realising, this could be a perfect opportunity for a thief to take advantage of. The Christmas period is no different, with many of us vacating our homes to visit family and friends and spending big on expensive gifts.

The months leading up to Christmas are perhaps when the risk of burglary becomes most prominent.

Recent statistics suggest that almost 450 burglaries take place each day in the UK – during the two weeks either side of Christmas.

Burglars go after the reality that homes will be filled with the latest technology and expensive valuables waiting to be opened on Christmas Day. Worryingly, the amount of information accessible to burglars is only increasing too, with social media playing a massive role in helping criminals target unsuspecting homeowners who share the location of their homes, contents within and plans for the Christmas period.

With the clocks moving back an hour and the night’s drawing in much earlier throughout the winter months. Burglars steal because they think they are smarter than they are. They will utilise the extended cover of darkness to their benefit and will find it simple to spot residencies that are easy targets as far as they are concerned.

Don’t let these burglars ruin you and your loved ones Christmas. If you’re worried about the potential risk of burglary and theft this Christmas season, go and have a read on our recent blog post on Keeping Your Home Safe This Festive Season.

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