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Keeping Your Home Safe This Festive Season

The festive season is upon us. Here at Wessex Fire and Security, this time of year has always been about understanding that you want to feel safe and secure in your homes for the Christmas period, which is why we like to provide you all with cost-free advice as to how you can do so.

So, please go ahead and read our best tips for how you can keep your home safe this festive season, and then follow the link at the end to find out more about our special Christmas offer, just for you.

Install an Intruder Alarm System

If you don’t already have one, it is worth considering having an intruder alarm installed and maintained. Burglars will typically go for the easy option, so an unprotected home will stand out among those that are clearly alarmed. If you do have one installed, make sure you keep it well-maintained and use it every day.

Keep all Gifts and Valuables out of sight from windows and other visible places

Wrapped or unwrapped, do not store any gifts in places where they can be easily seen or found. We understand Christmas is all about tradition, but it’s very wise to avoid leaving gifts under the tree until the big day, especially if they could be seen through a window. Keeping them out of sight simply removes the temptation for a potential criminal to try their luck.

Always make sure your house looks occupied, whether you are home or not

Even if you are only out the house for half an hour, taking simple measures such as leaving a light or radio on will help create the illusion someone is home. Timer switches are great tools for showing activity within the home by switching lights on and off. It only takes intruders so long to get in and out if they know no one is home.

Lock all windows and doors

We’ve all had that scary thought… “Did I forget to lock the front door?” For something so obvious, it’s surprisingly easy to forget, especially around Christmas time when there’s so much to think about! Make sure to double-check that all your doors and windows are secure before leaving home. If you’re displaying Christmas lights, avoid leaving windows or doors ajar to run cables outside.

Don’t overshare on social media

Avoid sharing too much information about where you are, when you’re going, or what you’ve got. Don’t ‘check-in’ and be careful when posting pictures. Burglars are increasingly using social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to identify potential targets.

Make sure you can rely on your neighbours

Planning on being away from home this Christmas? Try asking a neighbour to keep an eye on your home whilst you’re not there. Just by taking in the post and opening and shutting curtains for you, it can help to prevent unwanted attention from prying eyes.

Never forget about fire safety

Your home may be filled with flashing lights and musical ornaments at this time of year. As lovely as they are, ensure they are turned off when you are out of the house or fast asleep in bed. This eliminates the possibility of fires caused by faulty electrical items. To lower the risk of an accidental fire caused by a naked flame, avoid leaving candles unguarded and make sure they are not positioned on wooden or flammable surfaces.

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