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No Wires, No Worries with Ajax

Wessex Fire & Security are proud to have become an Accredited AJAX installer. This award winning wireless system is design-led to blend seamlessly with any modern interior and connects with a range of devices from indoor and outdoor motion detectors that don’t react to trees or pets. The range provides security systems to detect smoke, heat and even flooding.

Last month, a local homeowner was experiencing problems with their security alarm due to interference from other wireless devices and routers on their premises. Luckily Wessex were able to come to their rescue and installed the cutting-edge AJAX home security and automation system. Not only did this give the customer a truly wireless system, but enabled the customer to remotely view and interrogate their premises and the attached devices from anywhere using the smartphone app and simple interface.

The AJAX system solved the historic issues and opened a gateway to a more effective SMART home system.

The full AJAX system took less than four hours to install with no disruption to the fabric or appearance of the premises due to its wireless design.

Pete Davis, Technical Manager at Wessex Fire & Security commented:“The site was suffering from external influences interfering with the radio signals being used by the existing system, by utilising Ajax’s unique Jeweller technology we were able to overcome the issues and not only deliver the customer a system with great functional design combining intuitive App control and notification but also peace of mind in the knowledge the system is protecting them from intrusion, fire and gas leaks”

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