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No Power…Help!

With the recent spell of bad weather, Britain has seen an increase in numerous power cuts. Chris Stott, Managing Director offers the following advice in the event of power loss.

1. Be aware that intruder alarm systems usually incorporate battery back-up. In the event of mains power loss they will continue to function. If mains power remains off for an extended period of time (typically 48-hours), battery backup will eventually fail. Prior to absolute failure the alarm bell will self-activate to identify imminent function loss. Please be aware of the nuisance implications of a false activation. Wessex Fire and Security can down power alarm systems in situations where prolonged power loss is occurring.

2. It sounds obvious but in the event of power loss don’t forget to switch off your appliances. Several accidents and fires occurred over the Christmas period following the re-instatement of mains power supply.

3. Think carefully before resorting to alternative means of heating, lighting and cooking. Lighting a fire in a seldom used fire place, using a family heirloom camping stove or resorting to lighting by candle power could all have very unfavourable consequences.

4. Ensure your home and business fire action plans anticipate power failure. Make sure everyone knows how to react in the event of a fire – even in the dark. Keep torches on hand and check them along with your fire alarms at least monthly.
5. Make sure that your fuel storage provisions are protected. Fuel oil thefts continue to be a local problem as do thefts from sheds and outbuildings.

For more information, talk to Wessex Fire and Security – we have lots of options to make your property more secure.

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