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Alarm Signalling is Changing

The All IP Switch Over

As you may be aware, the PSTN network – Public Switched Telephone Network – has been in operation in the UK since the late 1800s. However, this telephone network; used by landline phones, fax machines, some fire and smoke alarms and some security systems to send alarm signals – will retire from operation by 2025 and be replaced with a modern digital communication network. The programme is being rolled out by BT and has been termed the All IP Switch Over.

This affects all analogue devices, for example, if your fire or security alarm currently uses a telephone line connection to send signals, it will cease to operate when the switch over happens.

Alongside the switch over programme, there is a ‘stop sell’ process in place. This means that if you renew, upgrade or change your existing service provider, you will automatically be moved from an analogue system to a digital system. No new services or devices will be installed with a connection to the analogue system.

Our supply chain partners CSL have put together a useful video explaining the All IP switch over in more detail, please click on the graphic below to view.

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