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New AJAX Surveillance & Fire Safety Products

AJAX have released a new line of products called the baseline surveillance line.

Protection against any threat

Baseline product line comprises wireless devices to protect residential and commercial properties. A wide range of smart indoor and outdoor Ajax devices operate as a unified force to ensure protection against potential intrusion and deliver the best-in-class user experience.

Guiding video to top-tier security

Ajax video products offer uncompromised security and privacy. The high-speed video streaming technology delivers exceptional image quality and smooth video archive navigation. These video products are NDAA-compliant and seamlessly integrated into Ajax ecosystem.

Basic fire safety. Reengineered

ManualCallPoint is a fast and straightforward way for anyone to activate the fire alarm. Pressing the button triggers the built-in sirens of all fire detectors in the system and informs the users. Meanwhile, the central monitoring station receives the alarm and calls emergency services. All the data is instantly available in Ajax apps: which device was triggered, when, and where. In a life-endangering situation, Ajax innovative features follow an alarm in seconds: automation scenarios de-energize the facility, turn the emergency lights, and unlock the exits.

Accuracy through steam, dust, and time

Fire Protect 2 AC is a mains-powered detector designed for residential fire safety. The unique smoke chamber does not require regular cleaning, and sophisticated software minimizes false alarms.

The dual-spectrum sensor instantly distinguishes smoke from steam, and two thermistors quickly react to the synthetic materials’ burning. Everything meets the latest fire safety standards. Thought-out design, improved mounting panel with WAGO 221 connectors, and in-app settings make the installation process nice and easy, giving an ultimate experience for PRO.

Expand features, reliability, and compliance for PROs

Fibra is a professional product line of Ajax wired devices designed for projects. Only accredited partners who have passed specialized training can sell, install, and administer devices of this product line. Experience an array of exceptional features, cutting-edge hardware, effortless installation and more.

Not a chance for intruders

MotionProtect G3 Fibra is designed for high-security facilities. The detector has an improved response to fast and slow motion. It is equipped with an advanced anti-masking system and responds instantly if someone tries to block the detector view. The device uses the SmartDetect software algorithm, designed to work with IR and microwave sensors. This eliminates false alarms caused by thermal interference. All in line with the Ajax user experience, ensuring quick and easy device installation, remote control, and configuration.

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