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Celebrating Long Service at Wessex: Q&A with Group QSHE Compliance Manager, Tracey

To celebrate our dedicated long-serving employees, we’ve been asking them what it’s really like working at Wessex! First up is Tracey, one of our esteemed managers, who has been an integral part of the Wessex team for many successful years. Keep reading to discover Tracey’s insights on her career with Wessex.

How long have you been with Wessex?

I have worked for Wessex for just over 38 years.

How did you originally join Wessex and what drew you to the company?

I had recently left school and decided to speculatively write to several local companies to see whether they had any administrative roles vacant. Whilst I was still at school, I had carried out some work experience at Wessex Electricals and I enjoyed my time there. Tony Morgan (the father of Ali and Simon) asked me to pop in for a chat, mentioning he might have some part time work. He offered me the job, and within 2 weeks of starting…I was working full time!

What roles have you held since joining Wessex and how have your roles changed throughout your time with us?

I began my career working in general admin across Wessex Electricals and the recently established Wessex Alarms (which had only just been set up). As Wessex Alarms became busier, I moved to working full time within the Alarms department, and this is where I stayed until 2018 when I transferred across to the Wessex Group to hold my current position of Group QSHE Compliance Manager. During my time in Wessex Fire & Security, I assisted in gaining NSI accreditation, which we have held since the late 1980s. Subsequently, we went on to achieve ISO9001 recognition in 1991, being only the third company in the country to have received this!

How has Wessex changed over the years, and how has it kept you engaged?

Wessex Fire & Security will always have a very dear place in my heart. Even now, I still look for bell boxes when out and about and feel proud to have contributed to the success of the business (I hope!). Wessex Fire & Security has since become a part of the Wessex Group, which has grown remarkably over the years and has a much larger workforce than when I started! It is great that the business has remained stable and is therefore able to provide many people and their families with employment. Wessex have always, and continue to, emphasise the importance of encouraging your strengths and supporting you when needed. Wessex encourage progression and I have witnessed multiple staff members progress to other roles, including myself!

What do you appreciate about your workplace and what do you enjoy the most?

We have large, bright offices with good facilities (apart from the air conditioning, but they are working on that!) and the Directors are currently reviewing and updating our working environment to meet the current staff requirements. However, the best bit is the people 😊 Day-to-day I work within the office with the central finance team, and I love the people I work with. It’s good that we can focus on our work, but also have a great laugh too! My current role gives me the opportunity to work with a diverse group of staff, both within the office and out in the field with our engineers – I really enjoy this part of my job. I have always wanted to help the business move forward for the better, and I do hope that I have managed this, at least sometimes!

Why would you recommend Wessex to others, for both employment and custom?

I would definitely recommend Wessex as an employer. I have always felt we offer a personal service, ensuring our customers are put first and can always talk to someone (with a little help from technology!). I believe this is what sets us apart. If you want to put 100% into your role and there is opportunity for progression, at Wessex you can do just that. The benefits package available with BUPA, including access to a GP with direct referral to a Specialist, life insurance, and holiday allowance, demonstrates the Group’s commitment to offering a better work/life balance.


Thank you, Tracey, for your kind words. You’re a truly valuable member of the Wessex team and we’re lucky to have you!

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