Sprinkler systems

Whether you require a control node sprinkler system or a suppression node system we can design and install it for you.

The control node systems are designed to reduce the chance of structural damage or building collapse in the event of a fire, whereas the suppression node variety is designed to put out a blaze.

A typical fire sprinkler system will use CPVC pipe work and concealed fire sprinkler heads.

The pipe work is secured to the structure and glued together with solvent cement.

When the pipe work is secured and the sprinkler heads fitted, the entire system is wet pressure tested to 8bar.

Every joint is visually inspected for leaks and the system left under pressure until it is connected to the water main supply or fire pump set.

We are able to offer a complete design and installation service, incorporating the sprinkler with the building’s fire detection and warning systems. 

Our systems comply with the latest fire regulations.

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