Building Services

Air Conditioning

Our climate-control and air conditioning expertise allows us to install systems in any structure.

We use a variety of systems each with its own benefits, and our engineers can advise which one would be best for you.

Variable Air Volume (VAV) and Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) technologies mean temperature can be controlled in different parts of a building at the same time.

Our Direct Expansion (DX) air conditioning systems use a refrigerant vapour expansion-compression cycle to chill the air supplied to a particular location.

Fan coils are also popular, especially in commercial premises and increasingly in new-build residential developments.

Usually attached to ceilings, the units contain heating and cooling coils, condensation collection apparatus and a circulating fan and filter.

We also provide chilled water systems, which are incredibly efficient at cooling large spaces quickly.

They work by sending refrigerated water to the handling unit that in turn cools the air.

These systems are useful when many different locations require temperature control at the same time.  

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