Fire & Security

Intruder Alarms

Intruder alarm systems are widely used in the UK and when designed and installed well, provide a highly effective means of deterring and detecting intrusion.

As an independent specialist company, Wessex is free from the obligations of using any particular makes or models of detection and alarm equipment.  Instead our Surveyors select the most appropriate equipment for each and every business premises they visit.

With near limitless detection and signalling options available, we design and install systems that address risk by the most practical means and product selection is always based on customer and site specific requirements and uncompromisingly incorporates quality, simplicity, robustness and value. 

We understand that alarm systems need to fit into the busy working environment of our customers and the importance of a substantial after sales support service to ensure the long term efficacy of our systems through routine maintenance, system alteration or expansion (whenever required) and renewal work.  Our permanently staffed facility is accessible to our customers 24/7/365.

Commercial Intruder Alarms can be designed to incorporate a huge array of features enabling, for example, secure instantaneous off site communication, panic alarm functionality, perimeter detection, remote out building monitoring, full spectrum internal detection options specific asset monitoring and  protection devices.  Systems can be wired, wireless or hybrid.

We work closely with insurers to make certain the systems we design and install satisfy their grading requirements and all other insurance related stipulations.

Wessex Fire and Security is committed to minimising false alarm activations.  We work closely with industry bodies to continuously strengthen our knowledge and expertise of all aspects of the security legislation and technology.

We bring all this experience to bare on every job we undertake - irrespective of size or complexity.  We do so aiming to provide great value and uncompromising service.

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