Fire & Security

Remote Alarm Monitoring

Our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) can monitor any alarm system and notify the appropriate authority of intruder and fire alarms, or engineers for industrial alarms such as freezers and boilers.

We are the longest serving partner of the country’s largest independent ARC, Southern Monitoring Services Ltd.

Since 1985 we have worked with their dedicated team of operators, supported by the world’s most sophisticated and comprehensive alarm handling and services software, MASterMind.

A monitored alarm is only as good as the signaling path and we offer a number of communication alternatives, including dual path signaling that also monitors your telephone line and generates an alarm at the ARC if the line has been cut.

In addition to being able to monitor alarms we are also able to remotely monitor CCTV from a dedicated Remote Video Response Centre (RVRC) operated by the same company using MASterMind's Video Viewer application, a sophisticated interface that provides a universal front-end for different video transmission protocols.  The software also includes hard disk recording of all activity, both video and operator actions.

With the ever increasing labour costs associated with manned guarding, it is logical to supplement manned guards with electronic monitoring in the form of remote video and alarm detection. After all, a static guard cannot be in all places at once, but alarms and cameras can.

Like all businesses, there is a rhythm to the day in an ARC.  Rather unexpectedly, the early hours of the morning are among the quietest.  But there is a rapid increase in activity in the morning as premises are opened and alarm systems are switched off, and there are many false alarms due to user error.  Our MASterMind software automatically filters out these false alarms, saving the emergency services valuable time and money.

Around midday is the peak period for crimes such as break-ins and armed robberies. Operators are there to respond to panic buttons in banks, building societies and jewellers, to medical alert systems in homes and industrial systems on deep-freezers and boilers, etc.
The evening rush hour brings another surge of activity as alarms are switched on and premises secured. Once again, our complex alarm handling software enables us to weed out false alarms and action non-reporting events such as a failure to close by a given time.
Whatever your monitoring requirements, we are confident that we have the answer.

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