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Closed Circuit TV

Wessex Fire and Security have many years experience of CCTV design and installation in a variety of demanding environments such as Town Centre survelience, custody suites within police stations, NHS Hospitals, MOD sites and schools and universities.

Scope of Services and Benefits provided:

  • All our systems are designed to meet the requirements of the British standard, NSI (National Security Inspectorate) Code of Practice and the Data Protection Act allowing evidence to be admissible in court.
  • We specifiy a range of cameras and lenses which enables bespoke design to meet the customers specific requirements.
  • All systems can be expanded allowing for spare capacity improving the flexibility of use and the potential for improvements to adapt to the customers changing needs.
  • Recorded images for use as evidence require management in accordance with the DATA protection act. In order to meet this requirement, Wessex Fire and Security provide data evidence kits and full training in the management and operational needs of security CCTV instalations provided.
  • As well as designing a CCTV system we are also able to advise on additional site lighting (white light or infra-red) to enable quality night time monitoring and recording.
  • Where 24 hour monitoring is required, we can provide connection to a dedicated CCTV monitoring centre who are connected to your cameras if your intruder alarm activates or external movement sensors are tripped.

In an industry with so much variation in technology and price; it is essential that you enlist a company with a proven ability in this field. To help you fully appreciate both our expertise and knowledge on CCTV design and installation please click on the drop down links above under Services for Business:

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