Fire & Security

Remote Alarm Monitoring


An "Alarm Receiving Centre" monitors your alarm 24 hour a day.

Many insurers insist that intruder alarm systems are permanently monitored remotely so, in the event of an alarm activation or an alarm system fault, an immediate response can be initiated.

Our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) does far more than just call our engineer or alert the emergency services of an incident.  Each and every customer whose alarm system we monitor has a detailed profile that enables an individual protocol to be set and followed in the event of an alarm activation.

Details can include a hierarchy of key holders (Wessex Fire and Security itself offers a key holding service) and a protocol for managing out-of-hours trouble signals (associated with power cuts and communication faults).

There are many stipulations associated with insurance compliance and Wessex Fire and Security has a great deal of expertise in supporting you through this process.  The ARC is a critical part of your security infrastructure and we have a 25 year working relationship with Southern Monitoring Services, one of the UK’s leading independent ARCs.

Should you require any further information or guidance on remote monitoring please do not hesitate to contact the team at Wessex Fire and Security. Further information on our monitoring service can also be found in the commercial section of this website or by clicking here.

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