Testing and Inspection

In order to ensure that customers are complying with the requirements of the Health and Safety Executive by having regular equipment inspections and maintaining records and test results, Wessex offer fixed installation and portable appliance testing.

All tests are carried out in accordance with current British Standards and in a manner that fully complies with the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989. Particular reference is made on safety, corrosion, wear and tear, age, excessive loading, damage and deterioration.

We use up to the minute diagnostic equipment that has been specifically designed to ensure compliance to the prescribed tests laid down by the Health & Safety Executive and to comply with current British Standards.

Scope of services & benefits provided:

  1. Fixed installation tests are carried out in accordance with 17th Edition Regulations as Periodic Inspection Reports.
  2. The inspection for fixed tests consists of full circuit and distribution board details including full load readings with any deviations recorded with copies sent to site and Head Office.
  3. A sample of approximately one third of fixed installation tests has a detailed circuit test. These include; visual inspection, polarity, earth fault loop impedance, insulation resistance, operation of devices (isolation and switching), operation of residual current devices to British Standard and continuity of protective conductors and earthed equipotential bonding.
  4. Portable appliances are tested in accordance with British Standards with ‘Pass Labels’ attached to each appliance displaying the next test date due.
  5. An attempt to repair failures during PAT is undertaken whilst on site, however, any equipment failing the tests are given a ‘Fail – Do Not Use’ label in red. Any necessary action as to remedial works or disposal will be obtained from an authorised person.
  6. Various tests are carried out using portable appliance test equipment and include: earth bond, insulation resistance, flash, load, operation and earth leakage tests. Upon completion of portable appliance tests, a logbook is collated which comprises of the equipment register and the test results including any failed items. A copy of these results is then forwarded to the premises where the tests were undertaken and a copy sent to Head Office.
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