Health & Safety

Preventing accidents by careful planning and proper control.....

Wessex are proud to have developed an Occupational Health & Safety Management System that is certificated as compliant to international standard OHSAS 18001.

It is our policy to perform work in the safest practicable manner and all necessary resources are made available to ensure the delivery of this policy, including employment of a health and safety expert to provide advice, support and a means for continuously monitoring and improving our performance.

It is the accepted duty of the Directors to do everything reasonably practicable to prevent injury and ill-health, and maintain a safe and healthy work environment. The Company places great importance on the need to consult and communicate effectively with our employees. In addition to the employee representative monthly meeting the Directors (and Senior Managers) dedicate a whole day, four times a year, to visit as many staff as possible with the sole purpose of raising awareness, receiving feedback  and communicating the importance we place upon working safely.

All employees are regularly made aware that, in the event of any conflict between the demands of production and safety, they will always receive the full support of the Directors when they reasonably choose safety as the priority, despite any pressure exerted by outside influences.