Wessex are currently offering apprenticeships in Electrical Installation and Security & Emergency Alarm Systems.

Wessex Apprenticeship Scheme

Our business development strategy requires us to increase our number of skilled workers every year and it is our policy that at least 25% of these employees will be recruited from our own apprenticeship scheme. It is essential therefore that we recruit enough young people who have the ability and attitude to maintain a high standard of work throughout the duration of the scheme.

Apprentices must be able to balance education, employment and their social lives. A disciplined approach to learning, both in the classroom an on-site is essential and induction training is specifically designed to ensure Apprentices understand what they can expect from the Company and the College and what is expected of them. Apprentices will understand that having left school they are now responsible for their own development and must be self-motivated.

Knowing how to work safely is essential and forms a key part of the induction (and subsequent) training. All Apprentices under the age 18, or with less than one year’s work experience, will be continuously supervised in the work environment.   

Apprentices will attend college, normally in Yeovil or Bournemouth either one day a week or in weekly blocks. Here they will be taught theory and basic practical skills and will be appointed a “Training Coordinator” to ensure they are receiving the necessary training and are keeping a portfolio of evidence.

For the rest of the time they are employed by one of the Group’s Companies, to gain the necessary practical work experience.

By choosing to become a skilled worker the Apprentice has chosen to make an investment in their own future. Wages reflect the contribution they make to the Company and the supervision they require at each stage. In the first year Apprentices earn approximately £150 per week and rates increase significantly in the second and third year – far exceeding National Minimum Apprentice rates.

Apprentices will not normally have to make any financial contribution to the cost of their training. This is jointly funded by the Government and Wessex. In addition to receiving free education and a good wage, Apprentices receive 30 days paid holiday and many employment benefits.

Upon successful completion of the scheme Apprentices will receive an industry recognised qualification and skills card and will normally be offered employment with one of the Group’s Companies. Those who have excelled during their apprenticeship and wish to continue their career development, either technically and/or with a view to management, will normally be given the opportunity to do so.

Current Vacancies

Wessex are currently offering apprenticeships in Electrical Installation and Security & Emergency Alarm Systems. We accept applications all year round, but apprenticeships are awarded in May/June, with successful Apprentices starting in August/September

All applicants will be required to attain (or be predicted to attain) a minimum Grade 4 at GCSE level Math, English and Science. In addition, each candidate will undergo an aptitude test and interview.

In the first instance, please email to request an application form.