Vision, Mission & Values

It is the positive culture within Wessex that remains fundamental to our Success and we promote this culture as our “Vision, Mission and Values”.


To be recognised by our customers, our staff and those in the industries we operate within, to be the best and therefore the first choice to work with. This based on our reputation of being a long established and trusted family business, known for our quality, efficiency and experience. Also for being nice people to deal with.


To operate a profitable company, enabling us to provide a quality assured service in every respect. To be recognised as market leaders in the services we provide, and constantly be aware of our need to satisfy others.”

To achieve this Mission we shall continue to build on the foundations which have stood the test of time, excellent service, leading to life-time customers and the retention of quality staff through job satisfaction. In achieving this, good business management will generate the profits.


To be professional in the operation of our business and to recognise and adopt policies which increase our customer and staff satisfaction.

To build on our reputation of being straight forward and clear in our dealings with customers and staff.

To sustain motivation in the pursuit of our Vision and Mission, and to recognise and reward staff who share in the commitment.

To reinvest profit in the company (as we have always done) and to provide share holders a return on investment. This to help secure and build for the future.

To recognise that it is the values of all staff, their attitude and commitment, that sets the standards for the business. The Directors to recognise the values of openness and accountability.