British Gas

Wessex Electricals offer these companies, as well as several other insurance orientated companies, a unique rapid response same day remedial service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. All domestic and commercial out of normal office hour calls are handled by dedicated staff (not automated) which significantly reduces the response times. Wessex also operate their processes using comprehensive quality procedures in order to maximise efficiency and offer the best possible value to the customer.

Typical works include:

  • Rapid response to emergency call outs.
  • Efficient engineer deployment via satellite tracking of vehicles.
  • Wide regional coverage.
  • Large resource of PAYE electricians to cope with surges in demand.
  • High first fix ratio due to the regularly maintained material and tooling van stock.


“Wessex Electricals are a fantastic company; they accept around 99% of all call out jobs offered regardless of the time or day. Their customer service is excellent with our comprehensive customer feedback placing Wessex consistently in the top 5 out of 80 electrical contractors – they are truly a pleasure to do business with.”

(Danny Gill – Home Hotline)