Safety Tips

Here are some valuable tips to protect you from unwelcome visitors and avoid the trauma associated with having your home or business falling victim to burglary.

1. Make your home look like someone is living in it. For example; don’t close your curtains during the day as it can make burglars think the house is empty and if you are going away cancel any milk or newspaper deliveries and ask a neighbour to collect your mail.

2. Use automatic timer-switches to turn your lights on during the evening, again this is a simple method that can give the impression your property is occupied.

3. During the day use timer-switches or the internal clock device of a radio to switch on the radio giving an audible deterrent to an intruder.

4. Fit deadlocks to all outside doors and window locks if you don’t already have them fitted.

5. Avoid valuable items being visible from your windows where burglars can see them and don’t leave garages or sheds open as your own tools can be used to break into your home.

6. Fitting motion sensor outdoor security lighting to your home; especially at the rear and side of your property can be an inexpensive and good deterrent in areas that are overlooked.

7. Keep a record of your valuable items and take photos of them in their present location for insurance purposes and make sure your contents insurance is up to date and you are adequately covered. Marking valuable possessions with a security marker pen with the postcode of your property can help the Police with items they may recover.

8. The tactics used by some cold callers and persons knocking at your door can sometimes leave you bewildered and pressured into buying things you neither want or need and it can leave you feeling like you have been burgled! Do not be pressured into signing any agreement on the day; always take advice or discuss the matter with a family member, friend or neighbour.

9. Avoid allowing cold callers enter into your property unless you want them in and have checked their identity with the company they claim to represent. The frail and elderly can often be preyed upon by unscrupulous individuals so they can evaluate your property and look to return another day and break in.

10. Burglar alarms are a proven deterrent against burglary. If you have an alarm system or are considering having a monitored home security system it is important that you only choose companies that can professionally install and maintain your electronic security system to the highest standards and can prove it. Choose only NSI approved companies.